Track and Field – Student Athlete from Spain in search of his dream

  • Hocine Bouchrak
  • Hocine Bouchrak
Hocine Bouchrak

Hocine Bouchrak

Topic: Student Athlete from Spain in search of his dream. 

Hocine Bouchrak  – Spoken from the heart of a student athlete from Spain at High Point University.

Our student athlete we are showcasing today is Hocine Bouchrak.  He is a currently a graduating senior at High Point University.  We chose him today because I feel it’s important to understand how international students’ dedication to their sports is driven by a dream.  Without a dream we can have a student and an athlete, but a dream makes the athlete special or in other words a professional.  Let’s look at Hocine’s accomplishments:

Currently: Graduating a senior at High Point University.  In a 5 Year program majoring in Business administration and international marketing. He also has an MBA.

Accomplishments: Track and Field NCAA D1

In Spain – 3 times National Champion in the 3000m steeplechase. All European Honors U23 (Gavle). Record holder of 1500m & 5000m (Club Atletisme Crevillent). 2 times finalist diploma in the Trials of Spain.

In USA – NCAA D1 All American Honors; Freshman of the Year. 3 times Big South Champion Individually. 2 times Big South Indoor Champions. 2 times Big South Outdoors Champions. School Record Holder of 5000m and 3000m indoor. School Record Holder in the 3000m steeplechase 2022. Most Outstanding Athlete 2022.

Why and how did you end up at High Point?

Because I wanted to grow as a student-athlete in the United States. It was a hard decision to make because it’s a completely different culture and big challenge to face at a young age. I wanted to learn a new language – now English is my fourth language that I speak fluently. My dream is to be a great athlete and to be a successful businessman. I believe that balance is very important for everyone who has clear goals.

What got you started in your sport? I started with 9 years old because I love running. 

Who was influential during your start of your sports career?  I would say that I had idols who inspired me to keep fighting for my goals as an athlete. Running is a hard sport.

Did you ever face any setbacks due to injuries?  Injuries are part of the game. It hurts more mentally than physically.


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