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Boston Celtics greatest players

July 30, 2022

Written by: Robert M. ( Webmaster)

While watching the Boston Red Sox on TV today at home play the Milwaukee Brewers, I reflect upon the upcoming NBA Finals this year and how our previous Celtics championships were so special in the 80’s.  What I contemplate mostly about are the best Celtics to wear a Celtics jersey.

So, I thought, why not write about “Who do you think was the best Boston Celtics player to wear a Celtics jersey?”

It’s hard to deduct when you have a team with sooo many championships. 17 Championships total with the latest in 2008, with the Lakers having 17 as well.

I would like to credit one Playa and Larry Bird and Bill Russell always pops on the top on my list.  What I think mostly about is, who won the most championships?  But, I should also think about who helped them win those championships.  I know it’s not morally possible to credit just one player with the Celtics best player to wear the jersey.  But I have to choose a Playa.

Let’s look back at some highlights of both of these playa’s.

I know this is a subjective case of a team’s players, but I have to be presumptive of how the league played during these two players while in Boston.  At the end of the day, the player needs to be also credited with the way the game was played during it’s time.  So here are the factors I will use for my opinion.  Yes, this is just an opinion based on my judgement of how we see the game today.  Not sure how important stats were used early in the days when the Celtics were wining championships, but it was a factor during Larry Bird’s days.

I cannot also leave out some of the greatest players to wear the jersey.  Below are my short list.

Robert Parish starts the list off at No. 00

Kevin Garnett (No. 5)

John Havlicek (No. 17)

Dave Cowens (No. 18)

Sam Cassell (No. 28)

Antoine Walker

Sam Jones (#24)

Bob Cousy (#14)

Dave Cowens ( #18)

Charlie Scott (#33 and 11) ***** First African America player to play at UNC, paving the way for James Worthy and Michael Jordan.

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