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Get Boston Sports is a Twitter profile dedicated to the Boston Massachusetts sports community. The profile highlights overlooked athletes and organizations that are doing the work to uplift the youths in the community. Get Boston Sports is also a source of information for Boston sports fans. The profile covers all the latest news and updates on Boston’s professional sports teams, including the Red SoxPatriots, Celtics, and Bruins, as well as local amateur sports teams.  The profile provides professional and amateur sports news, tickets, and more. If you’re looking for a source of information and resource for the Boston Massachusetts sports community, Get Boston Sports is the Twitter profile to follow.

  After the creation of the Get Boston Sports Twitter profile, it became apparent that many of the Twitter followers and non-followers were interested in learning more about the scope of work that Get Boston Sports is focused on to assist the sports community. 

Here are some reasons why the profile was created:

  • To connect with sports fans and provide news feeds, blogs, interactive websites, and discussion boards.
  • To establish a presence on Twitter and connect with fans before, during, and after sporting events.
  • To foster more involvement with teams and organizations by sharing fan pictures and posts.
  • To use Twitter to recruit student-athletes for college sports by creating a profile that will attract college coaches to follow you.
  • To tweet information that college coaches would find useful while recruiting you.
  • To use Twitter to communicate with recruits and share information about your program.
  • To showcase what’s most important to you through Profile Spotlights.

  Use the hashtag


to join the conversation and stay connected with other Boston sports fans.  Get Boston Sports is a valuable resource for the Boston Massachusetts sports community.

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